Hendricks County SKYWARN Spotters Training course
Speaker : Dave Tucek from the NWS
Mar.24, 2012 @ 1pm
Hendricks County Government Building
Rooms 4-5
355 S. Washington St.
Danville, IN. 46122.
Effective July 1, 2012 a new Element 4 Extra class question pool takes effect for exams.
 The newly revised pool released in Dec. 2011 by the Question Pool Committee of the National
Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators must be in use starting July first and will be valid until
June 30,2016.
The 2012 Test Fee remains the same as last year. $15.


Last month the FCC released a detailed Report and Order for the new rules on the 5 MHz (60 meters) amateur radio band. These rules have not been published in the Federal Register. In order for it to be official for amateur radio use, it must be published in the Federal Register and will take effect 30 days after the publication date. Any ham who is operating under the new rules before this time is in violation of the current rules. The official date for these new rules will be announced on the ARRL website when available, stay tuned.


1. The Amateur Radio station located in the Columbus module aboard the International Space Station is now on the air on AX.25 packet radio on a frequency of 437.550 MHz. Operators need to set their TNC UNPROTO paths to ARISS to digipeat, or they can connect to the packet BBS using the callsign RSOISS-1. The packet beacon is set to transmit at 2 minute intervals. To see
the current position of the Space Station in real time, the internet address is www.issfanclub.com .

2. On November 14th the Indiana Traffic Network moved their Sunday night Net to 6pm E.S.T. on a frequency of 3.900 MHz. This change will eliminate any interference from east coast hams that use 3.910 MHz. Also it will allow more
individuals to check in after they get off work.


1. Our website now has a mobile interface for anyone accessing the website via a web browser on their smartphone. Yay!

2. ARRL briefs White House Staff on Amateur Radio’s capabilities during emergencies. The White House is looking for ways that the work of Amateur Radio operators can continue to support emergencies in the future with special
attention to increased use and dependency on internet based technologies.

3. Attention Techs, 10 meters is hot!!! With the solar flux levels not seen since 2004, the higher HF bands have seen a surge of activity. Other HF bands have also been affected.

4. Hamfest calendar: Fort Wayne hamfest and computer expo will be November 19 hrs 9am to 4pm. Sunday 9am to 3pm.



Seasons Greetings, ( it won’t be long now…)
1. Bob Burns W9RXR APRS workshop will be Jan 7th @ at the Senior Service Building in Danville. ( make note of the date change )
2.All Hendricks County ARES/RACES members are encourage to attend the ICS ( incident command system ) orientation workshop being held October 15 @ 1pm
at the Senior Services Building in Danville. Our Emergency Director Dave Warren will be attending. This orientation will help you understand ICS and why it is important for us as hams when we’re working with the public safety community during a disaster.
3.After non-existant of almost 20 years,the kit manufacturer Heathkit is again offering kits, although the company will be offering only ” around the house ” items for now.


Thank you to Travis W8QHV for for running the Net this week.

1.) ARES is looking for anyone that might have some used Radio Equipment that they would like to donate the ARES is looking for donations of used Radio Equipment (Base, Mobile, or Portables, Antennas ect…) If so contact Ron Burke KB9DJA atRonburke@wildblue.net or Ken Kayler KC9SQD At kakayler64@hotmail.com.

2.) The HCARS (Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society) October 10th meeting will be held at the Senior Citizens Building located at 1201 Sycamore Lane Danville, In. Starting at 7:00pm

3.) There will be an Ares Training Class November 19, 2011 at the Senior Citizens Building located at 1201 Sycamore Lane in Danville starting at 1:00pm (TOPIC BEGINNERS CLASS)

4.) There will be a APRS Class November 5, 2011 at the Senior Citizens Building starting at 1:00pm Bob Burns W9RXR will be giving the Class

5.) Ham Classes will be starting on January 25, 2012 at the Senior Citizens Building. The classes will run for 9 weeks for more Information contact Jay Wright KK9L at 203-3335
6.) Joseph Lawrence KC9RFZ our Section Emergency Coordinator is accepting applications for DEC (District Emergency Coordinator) for District #5. This covers the County of Marion and surrounding Counties. Interested Individuals should contact Joseph Lawrence KC9RFZ atkc9rfz@arrl.net or by phone at260-373-1986

7.) Hamfest Calendar - October 2, 2011 at Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds 11261 US Hwy 50 West, Bedford, In.


  • Welcome and thank you to Jeff KC9UAF. Glad to have you with us and grateful to have you participating with the Weekly Nets.
  • Indy Parks On the Air – September 10, 2011 Noon – 8pm http://inpota.com/
  • W4VEC Open Testing session Thursday September 8, 2011
  • Ham Classes – Will run for 9 weeks. Meeting one evening each week Beginning January 25, 2012

 If interested in attending, please contact Dr. Jay Wright (317) 641-8975

 If any announcements have been missed. Please email Melissa N7BEE at N7BEE@arrl.net. Please allow 24 hours for response.




Mac Tools US Nationals Event Info

Labor Day weekend – In anticipation of extra visitors to the area all Hendricks County ARES members are asked to be alert and prepared to respond in the event of any severe weather.




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