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Ron Burke, KB9DJA
mergency Coordinator
Hendricks County ARES

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Ron Burke, KB9DJA, was nominated for the 2014 Technical Exelence Award given by the Indianapolis Radio Club Council (IRCC).   Click HERE for details

Ron Burke, KB9DJA, IRCC Outstanding Amateur of the Year award recipient for 2014. You can click HERE for a picture of the award presentation. Click HERE for a close-up image of the award. Congratulations Ron!!!

May 26, 2015

1)  On June 18th, Dave Leimenstoll, N9XOQ, will be hosting the monthly Hendricks Regional Health Hospital Simplex Net on 147.570 MHz. John Richardson, N9UYC, will be hosting the IU West Hospital Simplex Net also on 147.570 MHz. The Net starts at 9:30 am. This Net is to check the radio performance and capability on a simplex frequency throughout Hendricks County as well as surrounding counties from both Hendricks Regional Health and I-U West hospitals. When called upon during an emergency or disaster, these stations will be a valuable asset to Hendricks County. All ARES members and non-members are encouraged to check-in.

2)   ARRL Field Day is the most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June, more than 40,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations. This year Field Day is June 27th & 28th. As usual, the Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society (HCARS) will be participating in the Field Day activities. Visit their website at http://www.hcars.org/ for more information. Info will also be posted on the this ARES website when it becomes available.

3) It is that time of year again!!! The Hendricks County ARES Leadership needs to update the records. Let us know if you are a member of Hendricks County ARES and have experienced a change in the past year of license class, address, phone number, NIMS Certifications, added a base, portable or mobile radio. We also need to know if you operating privileges have changed to give you access to HF frequencies. Please email Ken Kayler KC9SQD at kakayler64@hotmail.com with this new information so he will be able to modify the records.

4) The 45th Annual Indianapolis Hamfest will be on July 12, 2015.  The event is sponsored by the Indianapolis Radio Club at the Marion County Fairgrounds located at 7300 E. Troy Ave. Setup will be Friday May 11th from 4 to 9pm.  Gates open at 6am on Saturday.  Hamfest starts at 7am. Free admission to all Active Military Personel by showing your Active Military ID. Talk-in will be on 146.76 with a (- 600 Offset).  For more information go to www.indyhamfest.com or by going to the HCARES Website at www.hendricksares.org or call 317-261-6658 and leave a message.

5) For a list of 2015 hamfests, click on the Hamfests for 2015 link at the top left side of this page.

6) You can now view and download the ARES Emergency Plan from this website. This plan is a tool that will teach you the proper procedures to use during an emergency or disaster. All ARES members are highly encouraged to print and keep a copy of the ARES Emergency Plan at your station.

Erik Cohee, KC9WRY announced -

There is a net on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of each month.  To check-in to the"Use It Or Lose It" net, set your radio to receive on 224.220 MHz  and transmit to 222.620 MHz.  This is an offset of -1.6 MHz and a tone of 88.5 Hz.  The repeater antenna is operating at 160 feet with an output power of 30 watts. Hendricks County handhelds should be able to hit the repeater.  The next net will be on June 4th at 7:00pm.


Two items in training news this week:

First, the first Frequency Agility QSY exercise is two weeks from tonight. On June 9th, we will check in to this net as usual; then switch to the 147.165 repeater for a roll call of checked-in stations; then return to the 147.015 repeater frequency for announcements and the net news. Two weeks later, we will do the same, but with a simplex frequency.

Second, please help spread the word about the New Ham Workshop, to be offered twice during Field Day, and sponsored by Hendricks County ARES. It is designed for new hams and those interested in getting their license. It will answer the most common questions about radios, power supplies, antennas, repeaters, ARES, RACES and Skywarn, online resources, and more. It will be in the Conference Center at the Fairgrounds in Danville. All who attend will have a chance to operate on VHF or UHF, and then go to the Field Day site to learn about HF operations. Tentative times for the two 2-hour sessions are 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 27th, and 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 28th.


From Tom Hansen WA9YI, Training Coordinator

If anyone has a comment or would to add something to the
ARES Net News Please feel free to contact Ken Kayler
at 317-874-7068 or e-mail him at kakayler64@hotmail.com

Recent Website Additions & Updates:

05-06-2015 - Added info, to Net On-Air Additions, above, about HCARS and Field Day.

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Local  Events
Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society club meetings: 2nd Monday of each month. HC Government Center at 7:00pm (except Oct 12th - meeting will be held at the Gordon Graham Field airport.

ARES Net is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm on 147.015 MHz

Weak signals can get into the repeater better when transmitting a 123.0 Hz tone.  However, a tone is NOT required.

RACES and SkyWarn Nets are called as needed - 147.165 MHz

Hospital Radio Nets are on 147.570 MHz simplex at 9:30am.  All Hams are invited to participate.


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ARES Press Coverage

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American Legion magazine, March edition page 32. You can access the article by ckicking HERE.