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August 26, 2014

1)   The Tuesday Night ARES Simplex Nets will be starting up in September and will be going until April of next year. The month of December will be excluded due to the holidays.  All Tuesday Night ARES Simplex Nets will start at 8pm, right after the Weekly Tuesday Night ARES scheduled Nets.  These Nets are very important in assessing our readiness for an emergency.  We have all the Net Operators we need for this year, but you can contact  Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, for more information.  Call him at 317-874-7068 or send an e-mail to kakayler64@hotmail.com.

2)  On September 9, 2014 Bill Gouge, AA9EG, will host a Simplex Net on 146.430 MHz starting at 8pm, right after the scheduled Weekly Tuesday Night ARES Net.  All Amateurs are encouraged to participate.

3)  Attention all Hendricks County ARES Members. On September 15, 2014 the Hendricks County ARES Leadership will be hosting their "FIRST" Hendricks County ARES Membership Quarterly Meeting at the Hendricks County Government Center located at 355 South Washington Street in Danville.  The meeting wail be in the large conference room.  Mark your calendar for this meeting.  If you are not an ARES member and would like to become Involved in ARES and be a part of an active group, we, the ARES Leadership, invite you to attend.  The meeting will start at 7:00pm.  

4)  On September 18, 2014, Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, will be hosting the Hendricks Regional Health Hospital Simplex Net on 147.570 MHz.  Brian Thompson, N9ZEQ,  will be hosting the I-U West Hospital Net also on 147.570 MHz.  Both nets will start at 9:30am.  This is a short net with the exchange of names, calls and signal strength readings of participants. This is an important exercise, so please try to arrange time to check in. 

5)  The annual Hancock County Amateur Radio Club's hamfest will be on Saturday September 20, 2014 from 8am to 1pm.  The First Church of God located at 700 N. Broadway St. in Greenfield will be the site of the hamfest. This year will be a Tailgate Hamfest and admission is free. The outside area is a paved parking lot.  Indoor spaces will also be available.  Setup will be any time after 6am.  Some tables may be available on a first come first serve basis for inside use only.  Bring your own table for outside use.

6)  For a full list of upcoming Hamfests, click on the "2014 Hamfests" link at the left side of our home page. There you will find a full listing of upcoming hamfest, their locations and times for the year.

7)  Ron Burke, KB9DJA, HCARES EC along with the HCARES Leadership would like to thank all of you who had signed up to help out with this years  Plainfield Quaker Day Fall Festival. We are booked for this years event.  If anyone who is new to Amateur Radio in Hendricks County who would like to see what HCARES does for the Plainfield Quaker Day Fall Festival, please feel free to bring your families out and enjoy the Festival as well as see HCAREs at work.

8)  What would you do if a Disaster/Emergency happens in our County? Would you be prepared? Hendricks County ARES has proclaimed September as "PREPAREDNESS MONTH".  Each Week in September ARES will put a segment about PREPAREDNESS in the News.  This is to enlighten you as well as help you get more Prepared for a Disaster/Emergency.  So check in each week in September and learn more on how to get more prepared. 

9)  The 442.900 Repeater in Danville is back on the high antenna.  However, we have decided to require a PL-Tone of 136.5 Hz in order to access the repeater. This is to be effective immediately.  Although the 442.900 repeater is a RACES Repeater, it is open to general use whenever RACES is not using it.  The 442.900 Repeater can be linked to the 147.165 repeater if necessary.  So remember, you will need to use a 136.5 Hz tone to access the 442.900 repeater.

10)  The S.E.T. (Simulated Emergency Test) for this year will be on October 18, 2014.  There will be  warning announcements on the 147.615 MHz and 147.015 MHz repeaters at 9:15am and 9:30am.  Listeners will be instructed of what frequency to monitor for further information.  The S.E.T. will begin at 10am.  The emergency scenario will be announced at a later time.  All Amateurs are encouraged to participate.

11) The Hendricks County Amateur Radio Community along with the Hendricks County Commissioners and the Hendricks County Sheriff's Department will hosting the 26th Annual Amateur Radio and Volunteers Award Night on November 19, 2014 at 7pm. At the Hendricks County Government Center located at 355 South Washington St. in Danville.  The meeting will be held in the large conference room.  If you would like to nominate for an award you can contact Ron Burke, KB9DJA, at gunship@wildblue.net , Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, at kakayeler64@hotmail.comor or Jay Wrigh,t KK9L, at 317-203-3335.  Please give a brief description of why you think your Nominee should receive an award.  Please include your Nominee's name, call sign, phone number, and e-mail address when you submit your nomination.  Ken Kayler, KC9SQD, along with the American Legion Post 118, will be Honoring our Silent Keys.

*NOTE*  If anyone has a comment or would to add something to the ARES Net News.  Please feel free to contact Ken Kayler  at 317-874-7068 or e-mail him at kakayler64(at)hotmail.com.

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Local  Events

ARES Net is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm on 147.015 MHz


Weak signals can get into the repeater better when transmitting a 123.0 Hz tone.  However, a tone is NOT required.

RACES and SkyWarn Nets are called as needed - 147.165 MHz

September 18, 2014 :
Hospital Radio Net on 147.570 MHz simplex at 9:30am.  All Hams are invited to participate.

Our Congratulations go to Ron Burke, KB9DJA, for his nomination for the Technical Exelence Award given by the Indianapolis Radio Club Council (IRCC).   Click HERE for details

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